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The word kua’aina has come to refer to those who actively live Hawaiian culture and keep the spirit of the land alive. Kupuna Earl Kawaa gave the name Ho’okua’aina to the organization as the mission is to return back to the ways of our kupuna, keeping traditions and values alive, restoring the ‘aina to abundance once again and sharing ancient knowledge to ensure that is passed on to future generations.

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The mission of Ho‘okua‘aina is to inspire people to connect with themselves, the land, and their community through Hawaiian cultural and environmental education delivered through hands-on experiences on an organic kalo farm.

Kua‘āina values include caring for the land by living sustainably and understanding precious resources in order to engage in hard work that yields food to provide for extended family and community. Today, we esteem the ways of our kupuna, keeping traditions alive, restoring ‘aina to abundance and ensuring that ancient knowledge is passed on to future generations. The purpose of our program is to use our land as a learning center where these values can be experienced and acquired.

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