some favorite recipes using kalo from Hawaii

Kalo is a wonderfully versatile and nutritious plant. Considered one of the healthiest complex carbohydrates in the world, it is a super food and can be eaten in a variety of ways. It is a great first food for babies because it is hypoallergenic. All parts can be used from the leaf to the stem, to the corm. Grown and eaten all throughout Oceania, Asia and Africa it is a vital food source for many cultures. Here, are some favorite recipes from Hawaii but if you have a favorite preparation from another country or culture, please share.

At Hoʻokuaʻāina we prepare poi, paʻi ʻai and kalo paʻa (cooked and cubed). Most Hawaiianʻs think of eating poi when they think of kalo because that was their traditional food source. Today, there are numerous ways to get kalo into your diet and replace empty carbs. Here are some suggestions.