ʻĀina Momona

Na ke kanaka mahiʻai ka imu ō nui – The well-filled imu belongs to the man who tills the soil.

The Hawaiian concept of ʻĀina Momona can be likened to the biblical expression of “land flowing with milk and honey.” Momona can mean rich, abundant, plentiful, sweet, oily and fat. The traditional concept was a land that abounded in and produced much food. If we call Hawaiʻi our home, then we all have the kuleana or responsibility and privilege to care for and mālama this place. Developing a list and plan of action as to how we mālama is essential to being the stewards we are called to be. Aside from growing more food, we are challenged to envision other ways we can make our island home more momona in ways that benefit the collective and not just the individual.

Standards-based lessons have been created for teachers rich in place-based moʻolelo, history, geography and science that can be adapted to any grade level.