Community Day with Global Village, Oct. 5, 2019

Featured Community Group Global Village

Global Village is a boutique in Kailua run by a mother and daughters’ team, Sharrie, Debbie and Dawn. The trio uses their business to facilitate awareness of Ho`okua`aina and raise money with their recyclable bag program. This is the fourth year that Global Village has incorporated their team, customers, vendors, and non-profit partnerships to celebrate another year in business at Kapalai Farm. At the end of their 24th anniversary week of sales and events, they chose to celebrate and host non-profit partners Ko’olau Clubhouse and Windward Sunrise Rotary in the mud.

Debbie said, “We like to share what Dean and Michele Wilhelm have created, a gathering place for people in the community to connect with and care for the ‘aina. Sharing these experiences with like-minded partners enhances the business relationship. It is an awesome experience.” Dawn adds, “The sense of fellowship created by being in the mud together, combined with the beauty of the farm is amazing. Our group always leaves feeling grateful for the opportunity and rejuvenated. It is a great way to start a new business year.”