Nani Ke Kalo

Beautiful the taro.

This is the core lesson at Hoʻokuaʻāina that sets the tone for everything that takes place at Kapalai. As the main staple and older sibling of the Hawaiian people, kalo was considered sacred. Hence, when working with or preparing kalo to be eaten, great respect must be given and demonstrated.

Because everyone’s life has purpose and meaning, loving, caring for and respecting oneself is essential to being able to respect anything else. Students are challenged to contemplate their own thoughts about themselves and shift their perspective, if needed, to consider the great value of their life. All participants are to use the expression “nani ke kalo” as a reminder that they are sacred and must carry themselves accordingly. In addition, this expression is to be used to encourage others, who may not be thinking, speaking or acting in such a way.

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