where we are going

Our organization is standing on the precipice of an incredible opportunity to acquire 116 acres of fertile land in Maunawili, a stone’s throw from our current location, that we are calling Palawai, the ʻili name of a once abundant valley that was considered the breadbasket of the Koʻolau region that once grew the preferred kalo for the aliʻi (ruling class). 

The vision is to expand all operations, from production to programming, currently located at Kapalai using a unique system of community engagement based on the konohiki model of management. Kalo cultivation will remain the foundation of all education and outreach purposes. A diversity of other crops will be grown, from small truck crops to orchard trees, contributing greatly to the overall food system of Hawaiʻi. We estimate that operations at Pālāwai have the potential to grow food production to 30 times our current capacity within the next 10 years. 

Learn more about our Pālāwai Lands Expansion Project using the storymap below.