seasonal internships

kaikaina level

The Kaikaina level of the Kūkuluhou Program is a seasonal internship focusesed on young adults who have promoted up through the Pōkiʻi level and are looking for further leadership development and technical training. It is also for those outside of the program seeking an ʻāina based leadership and job skills training program while earning a wage. An application process is necessary to be accepted into the 10 week seasonal session. Like the Pokiʻi level, interns will receive daily mentoring in Hawaiian values as well as tools to build important life skills. 

Areas of growth after the 10 weeks include but are not limited to:

alakaʻi level

The Alakaʻi level is the highest level of the mentoring program. Interns who have shown initiative and a desire to take on greater responsibility are offered a promotion to year-round employment as the leaders, peer mentors, and co-farm managers of Kapalai. They are given greater responsibility and challenged to push themselves towards excellence. In addition to important values and life skills, the Alakaʻi are offered frequent opportunities to receive professional development in areas of finance, leadership, entrepreneurial, and business skills. Alakaʻi teach classes, host groups, manage all aspects of kalo cultivation and mentor interns and apprentices in the ASA program. 

There is no application process. To reach the Alakaʻi level, one must be offered the position during a seasonal internship.